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[BEST REVIEW] Netflix Fantasy Island 2020 |The horror Movie



All right my fantasy is for this movie to be good let’s see. If it works no, it doesn’t what does theBNOM fans welcome back to my blog. Today we’re talking Fantasy Island 2020, this is a remake of the 1970s television show. And let me know did you read this or like it so MM Blumhouses new spin on Fantasy Island 2020 Netflix Movie.

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Mr. Roarke makes the secret dreams of his Island, guests come true at a luxurious. But remote tropical resort but when fantasies turn into nightmares.

📜 List Of Fantasy Island 2020 Movie Characters 👥

🎬DirectorsJeff Wadlow
📝WritersJillian Jacobs, Christopher Roach
💫 StarsLucy Hale, Maggie Q, Portia Doubleday
🎭GenresAdventure | Comedy | Horror
📆 Release Date14 February 2020 (USA)
🥳IMDb Rating4.7
🎫Watch On Netflix📽️ Fantasy Island (2020)

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The guests have to solve the mystery of the island to escape with their lives. Jeff Wadlow directed this film it stars people like Michael Pena. and Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars Fame and truth or dare she’s struggling in the horrid apartment.

Mostly the cast is competent enough otherwise right not counting. This film, but in this movie I didn’t really like any of the performances. I didn’t gravitate to any of the characters, and a lot of it is the script.

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✅ Pros
1️⃣First, this wasn’t actually a horror film but it was so fun to watch like a ride on the seat.
2️⃣ This film was a Jumanji kind of film with a sprinkle of inception.
3️⃣ It was Full fun and score coz it was worth it.
4️⃣ Better Version Of Truth Or Dare.
5️⃣ Very entertaining .. if you are not a boomer that is.
❌ Cons
1️⃣ Bad movie! Bad, bad…bad movie! Go to your room! Forever!
2️⃣ I don’t know where to start.
3️⃣ The convoluted attempt at anything close to a plot? The juvenile writing?
4️⃣ After a few dialogs the only thing you’ll want is to run away from the theater.
5️⃣ Forgettable Bad Movie, Terrible Acting, Uninteresting Characters

Fantasy Island 2020 remark for direction

And has to do with the direction but the cast wasn’t taken advantage of for how talented. I think most of them are and so let’s get right into it, this film is terrible. It’s terrible I mean there’s a lot that goes into making. It as bad as it ended up being now I see some coming out of it saying well.

 It was so bad, and it was so ridiculous and it was so this makes little sense. That I kind of had fun with it can I see that I get that? And there were moments where I was cringing so hard I was laughing.

I was trying to understand what in the world is going on, I just couldn’t and. So I was kind of enjoying myself in a messed-up way, and we’ll get into the story here in just a second.

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Netflix Fantasy Island: The Horror Movie 2020

Fantasy Island Movie Poster 24 x 36 Inches USA Shipped Print – Ready for Display (2020) (Poster Version B)

Most Beautiful Fantacy Island Photos

Most beautiful Fantasy Island 2020, [BEST REVIEW] Netflix Fantasy Island 2020 |The horror Movie

But just on a filmmaking level, it doesn’t work unoriginal camera movements unoriginal shot selection at multiple times. Throughout the film when there’s a dialogue happening, a conversation going on. And the camera would do this weird thing. Where it would just sway back and forth and then cut to the other person talking. And do the same thing and that’s it and that would happen over.

And over and over until the conversation was complete I’m like can we just not add. A diner element to the shot like was their goal to make this movie as stale. and unoriginal and unpleasing to the eye and the ears. And the head and the brain as possible. If that was their goal congratulations you accomplished.

It but I don’t think that’s what they were trying to do, I think they were trying to make a competent film here but amid making this somewhere it. All fell apart somewhere the cast said. Maybe I will not try as hard as I should or maybe. We’re just not going to invest ourselves in the dialogue in the characters.

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But here’s the thing the movie doesn’t do that either right it. Never allows you to soak in who these characters are before. They’re set off right we meet them we have one or two conversations.

They all meet each other with the most Oh cringe-worthy dialogue. you’ve ever seen in your life no one is likable, there’s no reason for you to care about any of these characters. And then we’re off on our what four separate adventures here.

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List of the Netflix Fantasy Island movie beauty

  • They’re each living out their own fantasy, and we’re trying to figure out.
  • Who’s behind the entire thing take a guess who’s behind it.
  • I’ll give you three guesses comment your guesses down.
  • And I bet you’ll figure it out on the first try, that’s.
  • because it’s the most predictable thing now, obviously.
  • If you’ve never seen the 70s television show and I’m willing to bet most of you have not.
  • But if you have and I just say that because my demographic may be. 
  • Younger, but if you have, I am sure that the show was handle better than this movie.
  • I like the fact that they brought in more gore and violence.
  • But it’s still PG-13, so they can’t do much.
  • With what they were trying to offer us right, it’s like we will have this for the viewers.
  • But we will not show it, we’re just going to cut away every time.

Fantasy Island Remark

They do it and that’s entertaining the movie also has death right it kills off two characters. I will not say who they are don’t worry but you don’t care because. there are absolutely no stakes and the characters that die you don’t care about. I didn’t care about any of the characters but the ones you’re supposed to emotionally gravitate towards. When they die I didn’t care and these storylines just didn’t mesh with each other.

maybe that’s the feel they were going for but each one had their own cliches. And predictability elements that I really struggled with. But then when they would combine obviously you will get into a third-act. and things will mesh with each other. Oh, my god, it was just so scramble and jumble. Also, you already weren’t on board with any of the individual stories.

So when they come together, in the end, you just stop it’s too much. And hardly any of it makes sense, and I’m talking from the rules. That this movie set up for itself because when movies make little sense, obviously you got superhero films, you got a movie. 

That I watched last night in Sonic all right obviously a talking Hedgehog is unrealistic but.

Netflix Original Movie Fantasy Island 2020

  1. This film set up its own rules, fantasy island sets up.
  2. Its own rules at the beginning of the movie.
  3. And continues to break them and just push them to the side to the point to where.
  4. It became annoying and to where it made little sense.
  5. Also to where you just were not on board with what the characters were doing.
  6. And any time they would almost get there for me.
  7. They would say something so cringe-worthy.

Now annoying the characters of JD and Brax and then Lucy hell’s character. And Melanie aye-aye-aye is everything was exposition. Or something that the audience already knew or oh, he saved us so we can get off the island.

Now come on let’s go on an adventure and there was never any rush to get. Somewhere or accomplish something that they had to do to survive. It’s like they would stop and have a conversation for five minutes and then five minutes later.

They would do the same thing, it’s like you’ll don’t go, you will die. And then they turn around they’re just like I’m so sorry for the way. That I’ve been treating you today and blah blah I’m just there’s one fantasy.

Main Role In Netflix Fantasy Island

Netflix Fantasy Island movie that a guy is living out, and he meets up with someone who he hasn’t seen in a long time. When they’re having the conversation, he spouts out the line. I have not seen you in 27 years six months and five days that’s the dialogue.

We’re dealing with here in Akif, what’s the problem with that no one keeps track of that. No one and it doesn’t just happen once in that conversation.

The other guy does the same thing he says I haven’t done this in five months, two days. And three hours it’s like how what it did you see. What I’m getting at it’s also unrealistic and unnatural and the way we piece together the film.

The Netflix Fantasy Island there would be a storyline happening where someone would have to go down to a basement. And they just had to go down a few flights of steps.

Well, we cut to these other storylines that are happening over the next 20 minutes. And then 20 minutes later we come back to this guy who just got down. The flight of stairs and started what he was doing now. I understand that that’s not the intention of the timeline of the film.

The Netflix Horror Movie

Netflix Fantasy Island but how the movie is pieced together. And it just doesn’t work, it falls into every horror trope. Netflix Fantasy Island movie is the best part of that. You might imagine the jump scares are so poorly executed. There are characters having a conversation. And it almost feels like the character that walks in and starts talking is standing there waiting on the perfect time to jump in planning.

What they will say and then they come in and spout out a line of dialogue so so intensely. Also so unrealistic that it had me laughing. And other people in the theater were laughing too, and I heard so many sighs.

And groans when I was walking out of that theater. I know this review is long; I want to talk spoilers so bad but let me just say. This the ending I mean the twists and the turns at the end.

And what ends up being the driving force of this plot if that makes sense. If you’ve seen the film is so ridiculous, certain characters are supposed to be grieving.

Because like I said, there is death and they’re just walking by other characters going up for one star on Yelp for this day. Oh, it’s like these characters are just void of any kind of humanity, that.


They’re so forgiving for some of these characters and the other characters. They’re so angry and frustrated, and that’s the driving force of the plot. I need to stop thank you guys so much for reading this article if you enjoy these reviews.

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