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God of War Netflix Movie Review, Characters 2020



God of War Netflix Movie Review, Characters 2020,

Good thing they weren’t grassed mud horses either hi welcome to the BNOM my name is Aakif Husain. And this is my review of God of War Netflix Gordon Chan has directed a lot of great movies. Like fight back to school fist of legend and painted skin. He also directed the four trilogies but I haven’t seen those movies God of War Netflix is a historically based story. About a war between soldiers led by a Chinese general and pirates led by a samurai.

I’m not in any position to talk about the historical accuracy of the movie. Or lack thereof but frankly that doesn’t concern me I don’t watch movies to learn about history. I watch we have entertained movies God of War was very entertaining to me for a lot of reasons. 

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🔶God of War Netflix Series

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I’ll say upfront that I enjoyed this movie more than I expected to one reason is that unlike a lot of similar movies. God of War Netflix told the story it presented it surprised me. That during the movie, I knew who everyone was and why they were there. And why they behaved in how they did like a lot of Chinese historical dramas god of war. 

Introduces many characters but unlike a lot of those other movies God of War Netflix letting us. Get to know them not just as characters but as people what I mean is we’re introduced to characters. Who has a certain role in the film, you know like a general? But then we also get to know them as human beings God of War runs just over two hours. And while I can see that maybe a tighter edit would improve things.

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🔶 God of War Characters

A little I didn’t mind the runtime it takes time to flesh out those characters. And because of it, I could relate to them better. And it allowed me to invest more in the story and the characters and the movie itself. Like I said it’s rare that movies like this you know humanize so many of their characters so I really enjoyed it.

🔶God of War Netflix who is the main character

I think it also makes the movie a lot of wells he weaves some comic relief into his character. Because in several situations he always kind of had the same response. And I found it hilarious and entertaining Timmy Hung deserves special mention not just for his impeccable martial arts skill.

But for his acting in God of War Netflix, he inhabits his character as a person who’s easily understood. and emphasized with the same should have to say of Frankie. who plays the general’s wife her role might easily have been ornamental. If for no other reason then it might have reflected the historical function of many of the wives of that era. But she manages in several scenes to create a distinct likable.

And a very watchable character even the Japanese characters are human beings in this movie. Let’s face it that’s a rare treat in a Chinese movie. It’s also just a bonus that while all of them are good one of them is hilarious. The action scenes in God of War are unsurprisingly fantastic. From the large set pieces involving dozens of people to a staff duel between Vince.

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🔶What Happen to Netflix God of War

And Joe and Sammo Hung God of War Netflix will not disappoint action fans. And part of the reason for that is the cinematography which I really enjoyed the weather. It was just capturing a landscape or the way I used the camera during the fights to really amplify the impact.

I enjoyed it a lot not everything in God of War Netflix is perfect. And most of the faults I found have to do really with the film making like a lot of movies. There’s one scene that relies on a level of foreshadowed coincidence. that would seem a lot of ills if it wasn’t in the middle of a very entertaining action sequence good thing. There were 200 mud horses randomly lying around.

That’s all I’m saying it’s a good thing they weren’t grass mud horses either problem. That technology has brought to filmmaking instead of solving is a high-definition video. Because that makes it easier to see makeup and the glue line of wigs or the obviously artificial nature of some armor.

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🔶God of War Series Netflix

And the helmets now I’m not blaming anybody for this and I’m sure that. It will get better but these days it’s still noticeable especially. if you watch it on a big screen speaking of noticeable in one scene near the end of the film. the Sun apparently goes down in like 30 seconds one minute.

It’s late afternoon and the next night has fallen like a poleaxed wrestler. but like I said before what’s going on in that scene is more than enough to offset.

My Picayune criticism still as long as we’re pointing things out in one scene Kitty Jung is walking down the street in her regular clothes. Cut to someone else for a line or two in a slightly different place. And when it cuts back, she’s wearing her armor she didn’t have it. on underneath her regular clothes at least I don’t think she did its kind of funny.

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That she spends the vast majority of this movie walking around like a hand grenade. That just can’t wait to go off she plays the general’s wife’s attendant. And spends 90% of the movie with a look on her face like and I was a would come. Yeah like that unfortunately when the pin finally gets pulled.

🔶God of War Netflix Series

We only get about 30 seconds to see her fighting now there are obviously a lot of very competent martial artists in this cast. But I wish more screen time was given to her fighting now. I understand the reasons but you know we can all wish. 

And speaking of dreaming we all know that yes the Chinese invented gunpowder. or but apparently they also invented a hand cannon that reloads in about five seconds. I’m sorry but it will take a little longer than masks. And I think it’s really more an issue of editing as opposed to thinking. 

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That was a real thing it just bugged me but let’s face it that’s easy to right overall. I have to say God of War Netflix was a lot more watchable a lot of wells. And a lot more fun than I had expected I didn’t think it would be bad. I just didn’t think I would enjoy it.

This much and I really did now I would recommend watching this movie in a cinema go see it. On a big screen where it will be nice and loud because. that’s really the best kind of experience for a movie like this. If you don’t get that chance wait until you can rent it or buy a disc don’t steal this movie.

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