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[BEST] Kingdom Season 2 Netflix Review 2020 Latest!!



I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. This is one of the best shows on Netflix right now. And Kingdom Season 2 Netflix not only confirms that, but it may be even better than season one. Now Netflix fans welcome back to my blog today, we are talking Kingdom Season 2 Netflix right now!

Did you enjoy season 1, which season is the superior so far? It’s so hard to compare because this show has been so consistent. But if you need something to watch on Netflix and you are reading this review.

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📜 List Of On Kingdom Season 2 Netflix Review 2020 Movie Characters 👥

🎬Creators Kim Eun-hee, Kim Seong-hun, Park Inje
📝WritersKim Seong-hun
💫 StarsJu Ji-hoon, Ryu Seung-Ryong, Bae Doo-na, Kim Sung-kyu
🎭GenresHistorical period, Political drama, Supernatural, Horror, Thriller
📆 Release Date2019 (USA)
🥳IMDb Rating8.3
🎫Watch On Netflix📽️ Kingdom-Season-2

Kingdom Season 2 Release Date

Kingdom Season 2 Netflix is come out on March 13. Before watching this show for the first time. Please go watch the show, I think it’s worth your time. So the kingdom is the south Korean Netflix show. All about the spread of a virus, well that’s timely, but this is just a good old zombie virus.

It’s also a period piece and in this season in episode 1 Netflix. We pick up with an unexpected setback. That poses new problems for prince change.

Kim Seong-hun / Kingdom Season 2 Netflix

And the others So I loved what season 1 could establish these characters. Get us to care about them, but focus on what we wanted to see. And that was the crazy zombie action mixed with the fighting style. 

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That maybe some of us were hoping to see but didn’t expect. It is the show like this Kingdom Season 2 Netflix takes everything that worked in the first season amplifies. It enhances it not necessarily quality-wise because I think quality-wise both seasons are very consistent.

And very similar but scale it gets bigger and when I say bigger. I mean in the first episode alone possibly more action than any episode in season 1 possibly more stakes. Then any episode in season 1 and season 1 held a lot of twists turn surprises. And deaths and they do not shy away from.

Kingdom Season 2 Cast

That in this season alone a lot of the characters we love. We’ve focused on paid attention to the characters. That followed our prints on this journey gave way. Their lives to protect him at all costs, not everyone will make it. Through this Kingdom Season 2 and that is that’s a bummer that’s unfortunate.

There are definite surprises in this Kingdom Season 2 Netflix you think it’s all the same storyline obviously. They’re running from these creatures they’re still trying to learn about. And have been trying to learn for quite some time. How did this come about how do we stop this and how do we contain it?

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Because there’s no sense of calmness in this show. There’s no sense of why we did a good job guys. We can sit or rest for a while that doesn’t happen. Because they’re always having to be on the run.

Or they’re always having to deal with something even. If it’s not these zombies, it’s having to deal with the fact. That you are being framed for something. That you did not do as the rumor regarding the death of the king is spreading. 

Storylines Zombies Plague

This plague is spreading, so two massive storylines were having to deal. With we see famine and corruption and this plague that is spreading. But it’s also affecting the immune system of those. That doesn’t even get bit by the zombies. So a lot is happening surrounding our main characters. 

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But the story is ultimately about heritage, the destiny of those at one in particular. But the destiny of someone. Who deserves to be on the throne who deserves to have control. This situation, or at least as much control as you might have, it’s this epic story.

This epic quest something that you would play in a video game of this crown prince. Who is fighting to save the dead? And the ones that are still living everyone within this kingdom? It is his duty; it is his calling to save the lives of those that he believes deserves it.

Best Zombie Show On Netflix

Even those who don’t believe in him and that is something special, you see. A show like this, you even watch the trailer. And you say odds it’s the zombie show we’ve seen thousands of zombie shows before.

What makes this one different, what makes this one stand out well. It’s all in the name kingdom we’ve never seen. This time period explored in this fashion, in this manner. 

And then throwing in zombies and then throwing in betrayal. And then throwing in those who are constantly trying to one-up. The other person because they don’t believe that. They are the proper person to rule this kingdom. And then you get into the layers of it all. And you find out that there are trees. 

And you find out that some are trying to be on the throne. That maybe doesn’t even deserve to come close so Kingdom Season 2 explores all of those things. And season 1 definitely did that but I feel like this one is even for the lead. I feel like the story has gotten deeper with that.

List Of Kingdom Season 2 Explores

  • Though you have so much more action, so much more zombie-filled violence.
  • And if you are squeamish if you don’t like blood.
  • Also, gore and first why are you watching this, and second I wouldn’t watch this.
  • And what I also love about this show is the pacing the fact.
  • That you can go from one episode to the next to the next.
  • To next only six episodes with each season.
  • It’s a binge absolutely, but it’s a shorter binge.
  • And it feels like you can binge a lot easier.
  • Because at the end of every episode.

There was a cliffhanger within every episode made. You want to continue watching, making you want to sit back and go, I have obligations. But I will not do those obligations because of the kingdom. And that each episode is under an hour there are two episodes in particular.

Main Zombies Movies Character

That is under 40 minutes apiece, I mean that is nothing. That is such an easy binge in heck even I wanted more from this season. Now there aren’t necessarily any plot points that stuck out like a sore thumb. And they got cut short on every character arc was completed whether. It’s making it all the way to the last episode or not making. It to the last episode in a way that left me satisfied. 

And how they focus in their home in on these storylines it thrilled me with. But that the episodes so short make it easy. And they’re so action-packed and it’s nonstop at points you’re just invested to the point.

Where you just don’t want to stop watching. And the zombies are so fast they run so fast the common complaint about walking dead. Just with the zombies, not the story, not the show on itself is the fact. 

That the zombies are so slow and it’s so easy to make it out alive. And then you come to a show like this it reminds me of world war z when. That movie was happening the whole time I’m like we’re all going to die.

And throughout this show, I’m like I don’t know how these guys are getting. They out of these situations. Because these zombies are running so fast and the first few episodes. 

Kingdom Season 2 Episode 1

We are with our crew, just kind of sneaking around and trying to outrun. One but then outsmart these zombies but how do you do. That when they travel so quickly and they move so fast.

And if you even get close to getting bit, you’re dead or your undead. There you go zinger and another thing I loved about. This Kingdom Season 2 is the fact that we are finally getting somewhere.  

With a cure, we have a new character who is uh trying her darndest. To come up with something figure out. Where this spawned in the first place simultaneously escaping death multiple times. As she comes up with the cure. Or as she uncovers the secrets behind how this spread in the first place, and.

This is a non-spoiler review, so I don’t want to go into specifics. And details I may do another video later, but we get. A lot more answers than I was expecting, especially in that final episode. When multiple characters were uncovering multiple things. And we know from season one that the origins come from this plant.

Best Point of Kingdom King

  1. Known as the resurrection plant, and it’s used to make it.
  2. Seem like the king is still alive now, in season 1.
  3. We’re trying to figure out who will inherit.
  4. The throne after the king because there are multiple people.
  5. That could do that thing obviously we know who we are rooting for but.
  6. As we know on a show like this, sometimes, we don’t get everything.
  7. That we want and then you have the fact that the zombies.
  8. We’re only coming out at night.
  9. And they were staying dormant during the day, hope that was also wrong.
  10. Because now we know that it is warm and cold when the zombies are more active.
  11. And less active, which means you’re not safe.

kingdom netflix season 2

When the sun comes up, you’re safe when it’s warm outside. kingdom netflix season 2 But they continue perfectly in the same vein of a game of thrones winter is coming. And we learned that at the end of season 1. And these storylines in Kingdom Season 2, you get everything that you wanted now.

As I said, the deaths will be unexpected they will hit you really hard. kingdom netflix season 2 Especially with how certain characters go out. And you just don’t know what will happen next, you’re always on your toes.

kingdom netflix Season 2 And that’s the beauty with a show. As a kingdom, not only is it technically beautiful. From these swift camera movements. To the epic action scenes where you can see everything going on. 

And I try to look closely and pay attention was their moments. We can you can see a character is obvious you know stabbing something. That maybe isn’t being stabbed or throwing a hunch it not landing but. It makes it look like it’s landing, not the camerawork was spectacular. Because you can have the best fight choreography.

kingdom netflix review

And the best stunt choreography ever but if the technical work is not there. kingdom netflix review You don’t buy it as an audience member and they captured both things. In this Kingdom Season 2 to go along with the quality that spawns from season one. kingdom netflix review And then you have the production design. The set design and lighting. Oh my goodness, guys.

Some of the best on television I keep making the game of thrones comparisons winter is coming. Well, on a technical level if you look at it. How epic this show is, the music and how the characters are handled.

And the arcs for going the final season of a game of thrones. This is close, I’ll say close, maybe of the quality of a game of thrones. It’s not as big as it’s not as popular obviously. But there’s a lot of care that goes into the show. 

And that goes into these characters and then the fact that this is all about social status. And classism and the struggles within playing your role in society. It gets even deeper than you expect, and this Kingdom Season 2 it’s focusing on these characters.

Adams’s zombies’ Movies Critiques

It’s honing what you want to see as an audience member’s character is growing. And then suddenly someone can be taken from us. 

But that’s life, and that’s what’s so scary about this show because. With everything going on in the world you’re watching. This is just like Adams’s zombies and if I had critiques.

I mean maybe the CGI could have been better in parts. Maybe the show could have gone deeper with certain characters. And I would have liked to have known a few answers towards the end. 

That I didn’t get, but it’s also something that wraps up beautifully. You honestly think by the end of Kingdom Season 2 Netflix. That this is it, the show has ended. But then there’s a little nugget at the end where you’re sitting back going. If maybe we’ll see more, maybe we’ll see more. 

And you know what I would be the happiest man on planet earth because. This is I believe the best Kingdom Season 2 Netflix of television I’ve seen in 2020 so far. After seeing like 30 seasons of television, this show is spectacular. It does everything that you want it to do. And it hit me so hard it’s epic in every way possible. 


I thought Kingdom season 2 Netflix was awesome and if you guys enjoyed this review. If you want to see me talk more kingdom.

Maybe dive into spoilers, be sure to let me know in the comments down below. And smash that thumbs up button for more Netflix content.

Because you know with all the movies leaving. Theaters we will have to focus on streaming. And I would love to know if you guys would want to see more than.

That but as for my score, I’m going 95 percent for kingdom season 2 I love. I don’t know how it doesn’t end up in my top 10 seasons of television of the year. 

At the end of the year, so thank you guys so much for reading this article. Please let me know did you like this Kingdom Season 2 as much.

As I did, which do you prefer season one or two and what are you reading on Netflix. This weekend you guys the best I’ll see you soon.

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