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[BEST] On My Block Season 3 Netflix Review 2020



[BEST] On My Block Season 3 Netflix Review 2020

I am distraught about what does it Netflix fans welcome back to my blog. Today we are talking On My Block Season 3, one of my absolute favorite shows on Netflix. and one of the most underrated things on Television I believe over the past few years.  On My Block Season 3 measure up what you think about the ending of my goodness.

We’ll get into these things, let’s get right into it so after being snatched off. The street Montz a Jamal ruby and caesar come face to face. With their kidnapper who makes them an offer, they can’t refuse.

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📜 List Of On My Block Season 3 Netflix Review 2020 Movie Characters 👥

🎬CreatorsEddie Gonzalez, Jeremy Haft, Lauren Iungerich
📝WritersEddie Gonzalez, Jeremy Haft, Lauren Iungerich
💫 StarsSierra Capri, Jason Genao, Brett Gray
📆 Release Date2020 (USA)
🥳IMDb Rating8.1
🎫Watch On Netflix📽️ On My-Block-Season-3
Buy on Amazon Ratatá (Leave No Trace) [from the Netflix Original Series On My Block] [Explicit]

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On My Block Season 3 Netflix Review

I will make you an offer you can’t refuse that was bad okay on my blog. So didn’t get to review season 1 on this channel I binge did right before season 2. did that review absolutely loved both seasons? And to this day even after seeing On My Block Season 3 season 1 is still my favorite because.

We’re getting to know these characters were understanding the situations. That they’re in and as we get introduced to new characters. And new situations the core of the show always remains the same now one thing. I had trouble getting int when I first started watching the first three or four episodes of the first season.

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On My Block Cast

in this section On My Block Cast, all detail is here. I’m like I don’t know if the balance of humor and the balance of this very. serious tone. That they’re going for I don’t know if that’s meshing all that.

On My Block Cast Well, but the further you get and the more you understand these characters you understand. What this show is after seeing three seasons. On My Block Cast Whether we get a fourth and we’ll talk about that.

I think the balance that they have captured is perfect. But even in this season, you still have those outlandish situations. That just would not make sense in real life, and characters are so forgiving.

What other characters are doing, it’s also unrealistic. On My Block Cast If you look at it from that perspective right, you have Jasmine sneaking around taking pictures of our crew. When they confront her about it I believe in the first or second episode of this season On My Block Cast.

On My Block season 3/ youtube image

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Get Ready for On My Block Season 3! Official Cast Recap – Season 1 & 2 | Netflix

Best Netflix Series All-Time 2020

It’s hilarious and you’re laughing while you’re watching, but then you think. Like one could get away with that in real life they wouldn’t be. That easily forgiving right and then you have Jamal having a panic attack freaking out amid his dad’s restaurant.

Okay, I feel like people around them would have sat there and gone yeah could you keep it quiet. I’m trying to eat but no nobody said anything. But it all comes down to the tone that they established at the beginning of the series.

And if they veered away from that at this point is so invested in the show, I would be a kind of upset. So I like these outlandish situations, I like the fact that we get these zany. and wacky things happening amid all of this madness.

And I mean pure chaotic madness now I could sit here. And say it’s you know scaled down in this season. whatever but no there’s possible, even more, going on in season three then there wasn’t seasons 1 & 2. but the beautiful thing about this show and getting into the reason why I love it.

Main Parts of characters and relationships

  • Probably the main reason why is because they always go back to the core of what.
  • On My Block season, 3 Netflix review Makes it so good and that’s the relationship the topics that.
  • They handle the situations that our characters are dealing with and that.
  • Part of the show is what’s real and that part of the show is what kept me around.
  • All three seasons what got me invested into these characters and the.
  • Relationships that are constantly building and this isn’t a show that just.
  • On My Block Season 3 Tackles one particular thing well you have everything that’s going on within.
  • The gangs you have the drug dealing you have the money which has been the topic.
  • On My Block Season 3 Of literally everything and those are the things that keep our character is.
  • Going but then you have the father/daughter relationships.

Ruby and Jasmine in {On My Block season 3 Netflix review}

Father-son relationships come on to say and Cesar’s relationship. Which is one of my personal favorites in the way? That develops in season three was fantastic you have what’s going on with Ruby and jasmine in this season.

And those two a little of back and forth going on there and it has been the case throughout the first two seasons. But we’re finally starting to see Ruby’s perspective shift a tad bit more.

And I really enjoy seeing that my favorite character in the show though is Jamal. I love his outlandish nature I love what he has to deal with in this season. When he thinks he has a stalker anything he knows the reason. 

It’s a stalker, but as I would have done in high school, it doesn’t end up. Being what he thought it was, it turns out to be something different. So I really like what they did with his character this season.

Group of On My Block cast Integration

Now jasmine is slowly becoming part of the group but not that she hasn’t been part of the group. But it’s becoming more of the five instead of the four. And I love to see her integration and I like the fact that they gave her.

And Monse more to do together this time around we have the return of Oscar aka spooky. His relationship with Caesar is a tad bit hot it’s on and off throughout.

The entire season but that was a wonderful thing to see progress because as someone. who has a younger brother and to see how much Oscar actually cares about his brother.

Because of what gets thrown on them and I know this is a non-spoiler review. and this isn’t a major reveal in this season so. If you don’t want to know anything skip the next 30 seconds to a minute of this review. But I am going to reveal a minor plot point here just so I can discuss it.

List of the things on this On My Block season 3 Netflix review
  • How that affected the dynamics so their father actually returns. And serves a big role in this season.
  • I love the fact that they avoided the trope of the.
  • Father being the guy that maybe you expect him to be he’s just a bad dude.
  • And he wants nothing but bad things to happen to the people around him and.
  • Maybe he doesn’t even care all that much man we’ve seen it a thousand times.
  • Before but that is not who his father is even though his father is dealing with.
  • His demons absolutely and maybe he does make his few decisions that you’re not.
  • All there on he still loves his son I mean he loves both of his sons and you.
  • Can tell he does but he absolutely shows that love for Caesar and he tells him.
  • How proud he is of him and I love that relationship to see that develop now as.
Bad things Multiple moments within this season
  1. Always you’re going to get those moments where things become intense there’s a.
  2. Fallout or two and there multiple multiple moments within this season.
  3. Had me on edge of not necessarily tears but just heartbreak and sadness and.
  4. Mouse dealing with what she has to deal with and this show have never been one to.
  5. Stray away from death or tragedy or loss it’s the same case this season you never.
  6. Know who’s safe you’re always on edge when something happens to one character.
  7. Even if they’re not dead you’re still worried about where they are and how they are right.

And that is the realism of this show is where these kids are living their situation it is far different. Then what some of us have to deal with and the perspective. That we get from the characters and literally running around worried about.

If they’re going to make it to the next day or not that’s the seriousness that I love about this show. And that’s what works so well about this balance now in terms of the overall plot thread throughout this season.