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10 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix [2020] Watch Right Now!!



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What’s up BNOM this is Akif H and if you love Zombie Movies. Today I will tell you the Top 10 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix 2020 Check Right Now. Now available on Netflix Please, the internet does not hate me because not every single one of these is actually a Zombie Movie. They’re really freaking close and there really were not Ten Good Zombie Movies on Netflix.

I could have picked just Ten (10) if I stuck to the rules and went with just ten zombie movies. There would’ve been a lot of shit on the first half of this list. 

List of ☠️ Best Zombie Movies on Netflix

10. Mystery ScienceTheater 3000
9. Stake Land
8. Ravenous
7. Zombeavers
6. Deathgasm
5. Pontypool
4. Dead Snow 2
3. Here Alone
2. Wyrmwood
1. Train to Busan

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In this Article So instead I went with movies that are really damn close to being a zombie movie. And included them on the bottom five and then the top five are absolutely 100% in zombie movies. So before you beat me up in the comments I just want to make that clear.

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10. Mystery ScienceTheater 3000

📜 List Of Mystery ScienceTheater 3000 Movie Characters 👥
🎬DirectorsJoel Hodgson
📝WritersJoel Hodgson
💫 StarsJoel Hodgson, Bill Corbett, Felicia Day, Kevin Murphy
📆 Release DateNov 22, 2018
🥳IMDb Rating4.2
🎫Watch On Netflix📽️ Mystery ScienceTheater 3000

They rank Mystery ScienceTheater 3000 (2018) number ten in this section of the 10 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix. Now my number ten is a movie it’s actually an episode of Mystery ScienceTheater 3000. Most of you probably heard of that. I have the recommend watching if you’re a big movie fan me and my wife love watching these. And if you don’t know what it is essentially just three comedians commenting on a really crappy movie. 

How do I find Good Zombie Movies on Netflix

So getting to the point the last episode of the original series it’s on Netflix is called zombie nightmare. and it features a lot of scenes with Adam West just in his office which sounds lame as hell. But the commentary is hilarious so to me this one counts as a zombie movie. But because it barely squeezes in under the criteria.

It’s at number 10 but for some laughs and some zombies, I highly recommend watching a zombie nightmare. the last episode of the original mystery science theater 3000 on Netflix.

📚 Read Zombies Novel

9. Stake Land

📜 List Of Stake Land Movie Characters 👥

🎬DirectorsJim Mickle
📝WritersNick Damici, Jim Mickle
💫 StarsConnor Paolo, Nick Damici, Kelly McGillis
🎭GenresDrama | Horror | Sci-Fi
📆 Release Date17 June 2011 (Ireland)
🥳IMDb Rating6.5
🎫Watch On Amazon📽️ Stake Land

They rank Stake land (2010) number Nine in this section of the 10 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix. All right number nine is a movie I really like a lot and some of you have probably heard of it. If you haven’t I really highly recommend this one it would be higher on the list of like horror movies.

They’re not technically zombies they’re vampires. But go fuck yourself because they’re technically zombie vampires. which is even better there are also really scary vampires they’re not glittery brooding vampires? and stake land takes place in a post-apocalyptic world.

👻 Vampire movies on Netflix

It’s on a low budget but they did a fantastic job with the budget. They had there been some cool characters it’s gritty. And essentially what it is these vampiric monsters that are that count as vampires. But there it’s very much like a zombie movie where there’s there’re hordes of them the characters are hiding out in the woods. It is a zombie movie except instead of zombies there they’re feeding on blood.

I mean it’s really no different, so it totally counts and there’s actually a sequel on Netflix too. it’s just called stake land 2 it’s not nearly as good. It’s starting to feel a little more like a TV series at this point but. If you like the first one a lot definitely watch the second. It’s good it’s half as well I’ll say that it’s not bad by any means. But if you like the first you’ll probably like the second.

8. Ravenous

📜 List Of Ravenous Movie Characters 👥

🎬DirectorsRobin Aubert
📝WritersRobin Aubert
💫 StarsMarc-André Grondin, Monia Chokri, Charlotte St-Martin
🎭GenresDrama | Horror | Sci-Fi
📆 Release Date2 March 2018 (USA)
🥳IMDb Rating5.9
🎫Watch On Netflix📽️ Ravenous

They rank Ravenous (2017) number Eight in this section of the 10 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix. All right and like I said number eight not technically zombies. but I loved this movie and I have to mention it. And that’s ravenous this one came out I want to say around 99. and it features Guy Pearce it is a frontier type movie I watched this in anticipation of the revenant.

It’s a different movie, but it takes place out in the frontier. And it’s got a don’t want to give too much away, but it’s dark. And it involves eating people, and it’s not really zombies. but if if you’re into what I’m saying at all watch this movie.

It’s really cool it’s not the best thing ever. But like if like I said if you like the words I’m throwing at you the frontier people sort zombies watch this movie you will love it.

7. Zombeavers

📜 List Of Zombeavers Movie Characters 👥

🎬DirectorsJordan Rubin
📝WritersAl Kaplan (screenplay by), Jordan Rubin
💫 StarsRachel Melvin, Cortney Palm, Lexi Atkins
🎭GenresAction | Adventure | Comedy | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller
📆 Release Date20 March 2015 (USA)
🥳IMDb Rating4.7
🎫Watch On Amazon📽️ Zombeavers

They rank 🧟Zombeavers (2014) number Seven in this section of the 10 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix. We will jump into zombies and with Zombeavers now I would want to put this one a little lower on the list. but because it’s the first one that features actual Zombeavers I have to put it on here now. it’s exactly what it sounds like I almost don’t even need to say anything.

It’s a really shitty movie about beavers in a lake that attack campers. that’s all it is but bill burr and John Mayer opened the movie with a hilarious scene in a truck where I think they run over I can’t remember.

Zombieland Netflix

Exactly what it is but they deliver the delivering toxic waste. And you know they’re funny and then they’re sort of the catalyst for creating the Zombeavers there’re titties in it for like minutes. Like four I remember there is one girl that just would not put her top back. On which that’s what you get with a movie called Zombeavers.

But it’s a kind of cool like the puppets look like shit but the story’s typical but the humor. And sort of the effects and stuff are not as bad as you might expect. They’re like the movies very self-aware which I always really appreciate so again.

If you like the stuff I’m talking about I don’t want to do a full-on review. But just go watch that movie if the stuff I’m talking about doesn’t appeal to you in the least completely avoid this one at all cost.

6. Deathgasm

📜 List Of Deathgasm Movie Characters 👥

🎬DirectorsJason Lei Howden
📝WritersJason Lei Howden
💫 StarsMilo Cawthorne, James Joshua Blake, Kimberley Crossman
🎭GenresAction | Comedy | Horror | Music
📆 Release Date2 October 2015 (USA)
🥳IMDb Rating6.3
🎫Watch On Amazon📽️ Deathgasm

They rank Deathgasm (2015) number Six in this section of the 10 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix. All right again last one that’s not technically zombies. And that’s Deathgasm this movie is really freaking cool. It is like death metal and zombies even though I said they’re not zombies are technically demons. But they’re essentially just mindless teeth tooth chomping monsters.

You know people turning into these demon monsters. It’s essentially a zombie movie it has all the same beats as a zombie movie so. It totally counts technically within the mythology of this movie.

They are demons but if you’re into death metal at all forget about whether. You like zombies you will love this movie even if you don’t like death metal. If you like a New Zealand brand of humor Flight of the Conchords. What we do in the shadows things like that I highly recommend this movie now is not for kids.

This is a gritty movie I think someone gets killed with a big dildo at some point. I believe that happens, but it’s really gritty but it’s funny. It’s hilarious it’s got superb characters it’s really really fun to watch highly recommend death Gazza.

5. Pontypool (Best Zombie Movies on Netflix)

📜 List Of Pontypool Movie Characters 👥

🎬DirectorsBruce McDonald
📝WritersTony Burgess, Tony Burgess (novel)
💫 StarsStephen McHattie, Lisa Houle, Georgina Reilly
🎭GenresFantasy | Horror | Thriller
📆 Release Date18 September 2009
🥳IMDb Rating6.6
🎫Watch On Amazon📽️ Pontypool

They rank Pontypool (2008) number Five in this section of the 10 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix. All right officially to be on zombies this is one I really like it’s a small movie but. it’s called Pontypool, and it’s a zombie movie its typical genre flick. but really the origin of the zombies is unique and different in this one you won’t know.

What it is still not the very end but close to the end and just for that for it being a unique take on. What causes the zombie virus I give it a lot of points for that it’s bloody. It takes a bit of time getting in but it’s interesting.

It’s got an interesting perspective so for that reason alone I recommend watching Pontypool.

4. Dead Snow 2

📜 List Of Dead Snow 2 Movie Characters 👥

🎬DirectorsTommy Wirkola
📝WritersTommy Wirkola (screenplay), Vegar Hoel
💫 StarsVegar Hoel, Ørjan Gamst, Martin Starr
🎭GenresAction | Comedy | Horror
📆 Release Date7 October 2014 (USA)
🥳IMDb Rating6.9
🎫Watch On Amazon📽️ Dead Snow 2

They rank Dead Snow 2 (2014) number Four in this section of the 10 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix. At number 4 dead snow 2 – it’s zombies that’s all I have to say about it. It’s exactly what it sounds like it’s funny. When it should be, it’s not Shaun of the Dead level. But it ain’t far off there’s there is a dead snow one I recommend. That one dead snow 2 – honestly I don’t know the difference between them.

There’s a different story but I can almost get the two confused. Because they’re just as well I’ll say that so if you’re into Nazi zombies. At all watch it’s good now we’ll get a little more serious before I get into my top two.

3. Here Alone (Best Zombie Movies on Netflix)

📜 List Of Here Alone Movie Characters 👥

🎬DirectorsRod Blackhurst
📝WritersDavid Ebeltoft
💫 StarsLucy Walters, Gina Piersanti, Adam David Thompson
🎭GenresDrama | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller
📆 Release Date18 May 2017 (Kuwait)
🥳IMDb Rating5.6
🎫Watch On Amazon📽️ Here Alone

They rank Here Alone (2016) number three in this section of the 10 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix. And that number three I want to talk about Here Alone this one is the newest film on the list. So it’s probably not available everywhere but you can get it anywhere. It just may not be on Netflix I’ve had some of you New Zealanders speaking of New Zealand.

I’ve had some of you New Zealanders sort of say hey this isn’t available. Or however, you guys talk hey this isn’t available here this one may not be let me know in the comments. If it is or if it isn’t I’m curious to know but it’s very realistic.

Netflix Zombie Movies

It’s the most realistic take on zombies so there’s not a lot of action in it. But it’s very interesting it’s very well done it’s a small movie but. if like you’re a big Walking Dead fan and you can’t wait for the new series to start.

This one will tide you over this one isn’t the crazy bombastic you know slicing off you know jaws. and blood shooting everywhere like our next article.

But it’s very good it’s intense, and it’s really well done it’s a little polarizing. and the reviews for it there are some people that just love it. And they feel they’re like oh that’s garbage so I love movies like that not.

Just because I’m a snob but it’s it is interesting, and it’s well worth a watch. So I highly recommend picking up here alone again if you like how I’m talking about it.

2. Wyrmwood (Best Zombie Movies on Netflix)

📜 List Of Wyrmwood Movie Characters 👥

🎬DirectorsKiah Roache-Turner
📝WritersKiah Roache-Turner (screenplay), Tristan Roache
💫 StarsJay Gallagher, Bianca Bradey, Leon Burchill
🎭GenresAction | Comedy | Horror
📆 Release Date13 February 2015 (USA)
🥳IMDb Rating6.2
🎫Watch On Amazon📽️ Wyrmwood

They rank Wyrmwood (2014) number two in this section of the 10 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix. So I mentioned here alone is not really known for the blood gushing. And the splattering but Wyrmwood definitely is this is an Australian zombie movie.

That is a super fucking cool thing almost I don’t want to oversell. It by saying you think Mad Max and zombies but just think Mad Max and zombies. It’s got a heavy focus on vehicles not necessarily vehicular combat. 

But it’s got a heavy focus on the vehicles it’s not as epic as Mad Max so don’t freak out when it’s not. The new fury road but it’s got some cool elements to it. The cause of the zombies or sort of side effect of the zombies it’s unique. And different it’s silly, but it makes for some good movie watching.

I really enjoyed this one it’s really crazy it’s colorful I just even be talking about right now I’ve only watched it. The one time I need to watch it again like this week so I highly recommend Wyrmwood its bananas.

1. Train to Busan

📜 List Of Train to Busan Movie Characters 👥

🎬DirectorsSang-ho Yeon
📝WritersJoo-Suk Park, Sang-ho Yeon
💫 StarsYoo Gong, Yu-mi Jung, Dong-Seok Ma
🎭GenresAction | Horror | Thriller
📆 Release Date21 October 2016
🥳IMDb Rating7.5
🎫Watch On Netflix📽️ Train-to-Busan

They rank Train to Busan (2016) number one in this section of the 10 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix. And number first on my list is by far my favorite if any of the ones I’ve talked about not my favorite zombie movie. I will not give up on movies like 28 days later but train to Busan is a South Korean movie. and it is also new it just came out last year I paid for this one loved it.

And it’s just been recently added to Netflix for this one think snowpiercer in zombies the information you would get from the trailer. That for whatever reason is not on Netflix which I fucking hate but what you’d get from. The trailer is it’s a father taking his daughter on a train to Busan there in South Korea right.

What are some Good Zombie Movies on Netflix

Basically, when a zombie outbreak happens so they’re on this train. And they’re having to get a through train stations and things.

And it’s a very different story in a familiar setting you know a kind of the ropes with a zombie movie. They’re all in here but think it’s almost like a World War Z.

It’s their the same zombies in World War Z in a lot of respects you know. What I’m talking about it’s almost as if it’s the same outbreak but you’re watching it on a train in South Korea. it’s really cool it makes for some really incredible sequences on.


  • The Conclusion that is the Train to Busan so number 1 on my list is Train to Busan.
  • It needs to be number one on your next zombie list for sure to watch this movie.
  • It has subtitles but again it’s a zombie movie most of the people in.
  • This movie cannot talk so you will not be reading a lot after you get past the first 15 minutes. 
  • This is not one you have to a kind of wait to you feel enjoy reading subtitles you can watch this one.

Any night highly recommending train to Busan if you’ve seen train to Busan. let me know in the comments or have you seen any of these other movies if you think.

I’m nuts for putting some of these things on the list definitely let me know but hopefully like this.

List of the top Some are its movies on Netflix my Netflix recommendations are actually really popular. They’re becoming something with the more popular articles. 

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